qMp 5.0.0 Leverage released

New release, based on OpenWrt 19.07.7 - 24/04/2021

qMp 5.0.0 Leverage has just been released. This new version is based on OpenWrt 19.07.7.

Changes since the previous stable release (4.2)

  • Based on OpenWrt 19.07.7
  • Most of the Qualcomm Atheros devices are now on the ath79 targes
  • Updated to the latest BMX6 stable version
  • Added support for new devices
  • 802.11s is the default radio mode for mesh
  • Better support for 802.11ac
  • Simplification of web GUI configuration pages
  • GWCK (Gateway checker) and LibreMap disabled by default
  • Better integration with OpenWrt's device information sources

Bugs fixed since the latest stable release (4.0):

  • #214 Autodetect mesh/lan/wan device
  • #473 Wireless interfaces get a 802.1ad VLAN when reconfigured from a non-functional status
  • #475 /usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:756: module 'luci.cbi' not found:
  • #461 Allow choosing wireless country
  • #474 Custom community names are not included into the hostname
  • #480 ACL via RPCD in LuCI
  • #481 LAN bridge consistently gets address during qmp_autoconf
  • #485 MikroTik devices have their MAC addresses removed

Known issues

  • #118 some IPv6 in bmx6-luci are wrong
  • #126 Use SSID to indentify the node
  • #339 add the number of nodes in the network
  • #348 Disable the SSID broadcasting
  • #422 802.1AD have small MTU value
  • #423 Devices with a single Ethernet interface and a swith driving different ports (e.g. eth0=> eth0.1+eth0.2) are not properly managed if the switch is on eth1 instead of eth0 (case of TL-WR841N-v8)
  • #429 A wireless device configured as "ignored" by qMp can not be reconfigured again
  • #436 "qmpcontrol sysupgrade" only works with *sysupgrade* files
  • #445 prior current settings altered when performing settings on qmp through luci
  • #446 [qmp-users] BMX6 Graph issue in Macondo
  • #447 webgui on nodes never finishes loading when running lan-only mesh on wdr3500 and wdr3600
  • #449 Port forwarding not working
  • #450 [qmp-ncgui] nodes[indexNode(nodeId)].system.board.release.codename does not exist anymore
  • #477 Cannot configure qmp-wireless in Nanostation XM post 1846G (menu has disappeared)
  • #476 Mixed 'mesh + legacy' mode only works as 'mesh' in 4.2.1 and onwards (4.2.2 and Kalimotxo). Affecting three/four models at least.

Important note

qMp 5.0.0 Leverage does not use 802.1ad (QinQ) VLANs on top of wired interfaces by default. anymore In releases previous to 4.0, 802.1q VLANs were used. Afterwards, and up to qMp 4.2.1, 802.1q VLANs were replaced by 802.1ad (QinQ) VLANs, which solved certain problems but added MTU issues. Not using neither 802.1q nor 802.1ad VLANs makes the default configuration for wired interfaces backwards-incompatible via cable with devices running qMp releases previous to 4.2.1. Compatibility via wireless is unaffected. You can read this blog post for more information.

How to get it

The qMp 5.0.0 firmware binaries can be found at http://fw.qmp.cat/Releases/5.0.0. Alternatively, you can compile your own images with your preferred options:

# Clone the qmp-cooker firmware cooker:
git clone -b v5.0.0 https://dev.qmp.cat/qmp-cooker.git qmp-cooker-v5.0.0
cd qmp-cooker-v5.0.0

# Show qmp-cooker help and usage:
./cooker --help

# Download the packages feeds:
./cooker -f

# List available architecture targets:
./cooker --targets

# Build the qmp-packages for the selected architecture target (e.g. "ath79/generic"):
./cooker -b ath79/generic

# List available profiles for the selected architecture target (e.g. "ar71xx/generic"):
./cooker --profiles=ath79/generic

# Cook the firmware for the selected device profile (e.g. "ubnt-nano-m-xw"):
./cooker -c ath79/generic --profile=ubnt_nanostation-m-xw --flavor=qmpsmall

# Find the firmware binary file under the "output" folder:
ls -la output