In the year 2011 the qMp project was partially funded by the PuntCat Foundation (.cat TLD registrar).

The Guifi.net Foundation supports qMp by providing web hosting for this web page. qMp is used in many mesh networks inside the Free, Open and Neutral Guifi.net network.

The Distributed Systems Research Group (DSG) at the Computer Architecture Departament (DAC) at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) collaborates in the development of qMp and conducts research in different aspects of the network.

The company Routek.net helped the project by hiring people for developing new features (for their customers) and write bugfixes.

The main part of this project has been freely contributed by a bunch of networking enthusiast volunteers.

Photo credits to Aroa Fimia and Jorge L. Florit.

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 quick MESH project


You can also help us by crowdfunding our project.

We accept BitCoins:  1qMp9BWTM1Soth2NGgxsTBqvXX5mpPiPy

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