Support for the new Ubiquiti XW devices


Support for the XW architecture of Ubiquiti devices (NanoStation M5 XWNanoStation Loco M5 XW, NanoBeam M5 16 and NanoBeam M5 19 has been added to the qMp firmware generator in the experimental branch, codenamed Kalimotxo. From today on, the nightly compilation that generates the firmware images will also build a specific file for these devices, available at

Please, be aware that qMp has not been tested at all with this hardware, so the firmware images may not work at all. Support for the new XW devices, which have been shipped since early 2014, depends too on OpenWrt supporting them.

If you have tested qMp with the NSM5-XW / NSLM5-XW, we will be happy to read your reports.

Categories: Development