Experimenting with WRTnode


We are experimenting with the WRTnode.

qMp is already available for this tiny and powerful device. You can find the ready-to-install binaries of the development version in our official repository: http://fw.qmp.cat/kalimotxo

It can be seen in the pictures that we connected several elements to the board pins:

  • Ethernet cables (the device integrates a 5 ports switch)
  • a USB camera
  • a relay to remotely lock/unlock a door

The WRTnode performs very good, it has a huge amount of flash memory (16 MB) and a MIMO 802.11n 2.4 GHz radio which seems to work quite fine also in adhoc mode. It is actually a nice device for use in home automation, drone/robotics stuff, as a control device (to provide access to other devices via the serial port, for instance) and so on, while meshing in 2.4 GHz using qMp.

Check the article with the full set of pictures here: Experimenting with the WRTnode.