qMp 4.1 Macondo released

Binary files are available for download - 14/09/2019

qMp 4.1 Macondo has just been released. This new version is based on OpenWrt 18.06.4 and comes with a considerable amount of changes.

Changes since the previous stable release (4.0)

  • Based on OpenWrt 18.06.4
  • Improved web interface
    • Menus, pages and their sections inside have been reorganized for a more logical navigation
  • The Network Characterization Daemon (NCD) from the Reflection project has been included to the packages
  • Updated to the latest BMX6 stable version
  • Added support for new devices
  • 802.11s is the default radio mode for mesh
  • Ad-Hoc is the legacy radio mode for mesh
  • 802.11s+AdHoc modes can be used simultaneously for backwards-compatibility
  • DFS support with 802.11s
    • Most wireless drivers now support DFS with AP and 802.11s modes, so use it
    • To avoid undesired channel changes, the wifihealth script monitors the wireless interfaces and resets them if needed
  • Better support for 802.11ac

Bugs fixed since the latest stable release (4.0):

  • #218 Remove IPv4 options from OLSR config
  • #295 "Offer" tunnels can not add "Additional Fields"
  • #298 Domains to publish form tooltip is wrong
  • #391 Remove code debris after commit 6d03214db8f3bdf07ff60b45d911d86d8cb6211e
  • #419 eth0 and eth1 are WAN and LAN respectively in TL-WR841N
  • #424 Macondo and 3.2.1 issue on wr940n v2 (wr941nd v5)
  • #428 LuCI datatype "ip4prefix" is now called "cidr4"
  • #432 Add missing file /usr/lib/lua/luci/view/admin_status/index.htm when luci-mod-admin package is not installed (qmp-cli)
  • #441 root password overwritten on first boot (or after flashing)
  • #446 [qmp-users] BMX6 Graph issue in Macondo
  • #450 [qmp-ncgui] nodes[indexNode(nodeId)].system.board.release.codename does not exist anymore
  • #451 [qmp-ncgui] Missing dependency wget
  • #452 Network configuration doesn't manage an interface in LAN without mesh VLAN tagging properly
  • #453 The IPv4 address textfield in Wizard => NATTED mode (and also in network settings) does not pass the browser's HTML5 validation
  • #454 Community name (i.e. Guifi.net) is not being stored to /etc/config/qmp
  • #455 The "Node settings" page does not save the changes
  • #456 Wireless settings page not working
  • #457 [nc-gui] All the "debug" options are shown in the menu
  • #458 [nc-gui] The menu entry should be integrated into the "Tools" menu
  • #462 During first boot's autoconf, both radios in 5 and 2.4 GHz are set as "802.11s + AP (LAN)" with wrong network in /etc/config/wireless
  • #463 When dual wifi mode (e.g.: 802.11s + adhoc) is used, wlan0 and wlan0a are shown in Easy Setup
  • #464 After changing wifi settings, the [logical] network interfaces don't come up until reboot
  • #465 "Network mask" in easy setup is not properly read from /etc/config/qmp
  • #466 Devices with a switch on eth0 and eth0.1 eth0.2 interfaces on top of it are not properly autoconfigured
  • #467 Two wireless interfaces each on a different band are configured differently if they are "radio0=>5GHz, radio1=>2.4GHz" or "radio0=>2.4GHz, radio1=>5GHz"
  • #468 Community name is not saved in ¿Natted? mode
  • #470 Check WiFi status when using 802.11s on DFS-enforced channels
  • #471 hwmode must be 11a, 11b or 11g, not 11na or 11ng

Known issues

  • #118 some IPv6 in bmx6-luci are wrong
  • #126 Use SSID to indentify the node
  • #422 802.1AD have small MTU value
  • #423 Devices with a single Ethernet interface and a swith driving different ports (e.g. eth0=> eth0.1+eth0.2) are not properly managed if the switch is on eth1 instead of eth0 (case of TL-WR841N-v8)
  • #429 A wireless device configured as "ignored" by qMp can not be reconfigured again
  • #445 prior current settings altered when performing settings on qmp through luci
  • #446 [qmp-users] BMX6 Graph issue in Macondo
  • #447 webgui on nodes never finishes loading when running lan-only mesh on wdr3500 and wdr3600
  • #449 Port forwarding not working
  • #450 [qmp-ncgui] nodes[indexNode(nodeId)].system.board.release.codename does not exist anymore

Important note

qMp 4.1 Macondo uses 802.1ad (QinQ) VLANs on top of wired interfaces. In releases previous to 4.0, 802.1q VLANs were used. This makes the default configuration for wired interfaces backwards-incompatible via cable with devices running qMp releases previous to 4.0. Compatibility via wireless is unaffected. You can read this blog post for more information.

How to get it

The qMp 4.1 firmware binaries can be found at http://fw.qmp.cat/Releases/4.1. Alternatively, you can compile your own images with your preferred options:

# Clone the qmp-cooker firmware cooker:
git clone -b 4.1 https://dev.qmp.cat/qmp-cooker.git qmp-cooker-4.1
cd qmp-cooker-4.1

# Show qmp-cooker help and usage:
./cooker --help

# Download the packages feeds:
./cooker -f

# List available architecture targets:
./cooker --targets

# Build the qmp-packages for the selected architecture target (e.g. "ar71xx/generic"):
./cooker -b ar71xx/generic

# List available profiles for the selected architecture target (e.g. "ar71xx/generic"):
./cooker --profiles=ar71xx/generic

# Cook the firmware for the selected device profile (e.g. "ubnt-nano-m-xw"):
./cooker -c ar71xx/generic --profile=ubnt-nano-m-xw --flavor=qmpsmall

# Find the firmware binary file under the "output" folder:
ls -la output

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