qMp 4.0 Macondo released

Binary files are available for download - 02/01/2018

qMp 4.0 Macondo has just been released. This new version is based on LEDE 17.01.4 Reboot and comes with a great number of changes and improvements.

Changes since the previous stable release (3.2.1)

  • Based on LEDE 17.01.4 Reboot
  • Revamped web interface
  • Image building is performed via the qmp-cooker tool
  • Updated to the latest BMX6 stable version
  • VLANs over wired interfaces are done using 802.1ad - QinQ (read note below)
  • Revamped qMp easy setup page (6355b2c5)
  • Added support for several devices:
    • Generic support for Mikrotik devices
    • Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC Lite
  • 802.11s support is no longer experimental (b4e41b83)
  • Candela Tech's ath10k-ct driver (f3a0068a)
  • Improved support for certain devices (7616eef3)
  • Improved integration with LibreMap (2b9aaba4)
  • Improved management of VLANs on top of bridges (4835bf9d)
  • ...

Bugs fixed since the latest stable release (3.2.1):

  • #434 Missing netperf download file
  • #418 TP-Link_TL-WA7510N not available in images
  • #417 TP-Link_TL-WR841N-v8 file name and content in DEVICES are different (cb3be978)
  • #416 ramips targets do not seem to have the qmp-{tiny,small,big}-node package, only qmp-system in qMp 4.0-rc1
  • #431 Logo is not centered in wait pages (a52959c9)
  • #430 Reconfigure buttons in "Wireless settings" do not really work as expected (37444adf)
  • #429 A wireless device configured as "ignored" by qMp can not be reconfigured again (643e49d0)
  • #427 "Use mesh in all wired devices" (meshall) option in east setup is not saved anywhere in qMp config
  • #426 Device name (device_name) is not saved in easy setup page when in roaming mode (9747951c)
  • #425 Community network name "Raval (Guifibaix)" is wrong
  • #415 qmp-system depends on luci-base (3ed51c64)
  • #414 Non-switched wired network interfaces are shown again on web GUI (c1af65db)
  • #393 Asymetric BMX6 link on ethernet bridge interface (8d26005d)
  • #392 mdns locks qmp_configure_all (916a7b62)
  • #390 annot satisfy the following dependencies for qmp-system during compilation: bwm, ndisc6, rdisc6, ipv6ca
  • #389 Some binary files are compiled as qmp-arch-subarch-device-etc.bin while others as lede-arch-subarch-device-etc.bin
  • #388 Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for qmp-system during compilation: bmx6-topology, luci-i18n-english (64bca744)
  • #387 Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for gwck-qmp during compilation: fping (c8ed23da)
  • #386 File /etc/config/firewall clashes during compilation (06234f8e)
  • #384 Hooks deleted in testing branch

Known issues

  • #435 Images for Alfa Networks NX are not generated
  • #436 "qmpcontrol sysupgrade" only works with *sysupgrade* files

Important note

In order to improve qMp 4.0 uses 802.1ad (QinQ) VLANs on top of wired interfaces, while in previous releases 802.1q VLANs were used. This makes the current release backwards-incompatible with previous ones via cable (compatibility via wireless is unaffected). You can read this blog post for more information.


The qMp 4.0 firmware binaries can be found at http://fw.qmp.cat/Releases/4.0. Alternatively, you can compile your own images with your preferred options:

# Clone the qmp-cooker firmware cooker:
git clone -b 4.0 https://dev.qmp.cat/qmp-cooker.git qmp-cooker-4.0
cd qmp-cooker-4.0

# Show qmp-cooker help and usage:
./cooker --help

# Download the packages feeds:
./cooker -f

# List available architecture targets:
./cooker --targets

# Build the qmp-packages for the selected architecture target (e.g. "ar71xx/generic"):
./cooker -b ar71xx/generic

# List available profiles for the selected architecture target (e.g. "ar71xx/generic"):
./cooker --profiles=ar71xx/generic

# Cook the firmware for the selected device profile (e.g. "ubnt-nano-m-xw"):
./cooker -c ar71xx/generic --profile=ubnt-nano-m-xw --flavor=qmp_small

# Find the firmware binary file under the "output" folder:
ls -la output

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