IEEE paper about a qMp deployment in Barcelona

Analysis of a qMp network - 04/11/2013

A new paper has been accepted and published in the IEEE MWSWIM 2013 conference.

It is an analysis about the qMp network deployed in Barcelona (Sants/UPC), taking measures for more than 5 months.

Find the documents here:

2013-11-04 23:01 - paper_22(1).pdf - Studying a QMP deployment (paper)
2013-11-04 23:01 - slides-mswim13.pdf - Studying a QMP deployment (slides)

qMp visualization tool

Network diagram - 27/02/2013

Dr. Llorenç Cerdà from UPC is studying a mesh network deployed in Barcelona using qMp nodes.

He developed a very interessting visualization tool which shows the current state (1h updated) of the network.

It can be consulted from the Internet:

And from community network:

The code is under aGPLv3 and can be found here: